What to do when you have NOTHING to do?

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Now you have probably read this post title and thought, are you messing! 
I mean we live in a super busy world so having nothing to do is very rare. I mean, I am always busy and always have something to do. But sometimes, just sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we just have nothing to do.

Recently I feel like I have peaked as a wife, there was one day when the house was clean, there was no washing to do and the food was in the slow cooker, yeah, you heard me, in the slow cooker. (I am bossing at life.)
So I found myself in a place where I had nothing, just nothing to do. 

So lovely ones, if you ever find yourself in a place where you have nothing to do and feel at a loss here are some things I recommend. No matter how busy you are we all need to take time to chill and relax and just generally zone out of the world for an hour. 


I am all about the LUSH bath bomb at the moment and if I ever having nothing to do I will most definitely be getting my lush bath on with some PLL on Netflix. 


I love baking and making things from scratch but sometimes thats just a faf and I want yummy hot cookies straight away. Because of that we always always have a Betty Crocker ready to go pack in the cupboard. Easy to make, baked in 12 minutes and there we go.  


If you have seen my recent Currently Loving you will know that I am a BIG fan of TLC and the trashy TV shows that are on there. If I get chance you will definitely see my watching Too Ugly For Love, 90 Day fiancé of just any other shows on there that take my fancy. 


I love Primark, I love YouTube. So why wouldn't I spend hours watching Primark Hauls on YouTube.


This year I decided I wanted to read more. I have read one and half books so far (you are probably thinking what the heck, but this is huge I don't read) so when I am free I always grab myself a brew and a curly wurly and read a book. I am loving this Giovanna Fletcher book at the moment.

So there we have it. 5 things that I like to do when I have nothing else to do.

What do you all like to do in your spare time?

Love Leeny

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