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Hello lovely ones. 

So today I decided I was going to try something new, as you know from my to do list of 2016 I said I wanted to start challenging myself to do new things so here we go (so far I've made a list of new things I want to try, I don't feel like I have done many of them though and it's nearly March, oops!) 

Now I am no make up artist by all means but I do love make up ALOT. I love watching make up tutorials and spending hours checking out the make up stands in boots and Superdrug (much to Andrews annoyance.) 

So, today I have decided to just go for it and do a My Everyday FOTD, for those who don't know what that is, it's a Face of the Day of course, I love a good abbreviation if thats what it is. 

So here is my go to make up routine and what I used, this is what I do most days for just heading to work, to the shops, out with friends. It doesn't take long at all which is so good for me as I am not a morning person. 




Oh my, my naked face on the internet. This is really new. BORK.


1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise. 

I like to moisturise my face and then brush my hair or do something else (snapchat, YouTube you know that kind of thing) why it soaks in. 

I always use aveeno as I have super sensitive and dry skin, also recently I have started using the Vitamin E eye cream which is amazing! 

At this point I also put on some lip balm.

2. Primer Time.

I've only just started using primer and I am in love with this benefit 'Pore Fessional' I got it in a set of other minis from benefit but I will definitely be re purchasing for sure. I just slap it on and rub it in with my fingers. (Not sure if that's the technical way to apply it but it works for me yo!)

3. We all need a Good Foundation.

This foundation is so new to me, after using the same foundation for years I decided it was time to try a new one and I am loving this Dream Satin Liquid foundation in Light Porcelain it covers so well, is really light on the skin and definitely helps with pores. 

I apply this in blobs (that's definitely not a technical term) on my face and blend in using the realTechniques buffing brush. Once I have done that I use some of the high beam highlighter from Benefit on the tops of my cheeks, underneath my eyebrows, down my nose and a little on my chin, I then rub it in. 

3. Powder That Nose.

Once I have applied foundation and higlighter, using a powder brush I just powder my face with Stay Matte powder in the shade peach glow I think. I just prefer a more matte finish. Once I have done that I take the Benefit Rockateur and using the Real Techniques Contouring brush I apply blusher to the apple of my cheeks working up my cheeks to my hair line. 

4. Eyebrows on Fleek 
(Thats what the kids say isn't it)

I love Seventeen products ALOT. If you are to look in my make up collection you will definitely see alot of them. 

I love this kit, in it you get a dark brown powder, brown wax, highlighter, a eyebrow pencil and a mini brush. 

I love doing my eyebrows. 

5. Eye, Eye. 

If you know me well you will know that I am all about the winged eyeliner and it definitely is my go to eye look. I have tried eyeshadow and I am getting better at applying it but I am definitely all about the winged eyes. 

I apply the Eye liner pencil to the bottom lid of my eye. I smudge it in using my finger. Once I have done that I take the Seventeen Tattoo Me liquid eyeliner, once I have applied that I leave it to dry for a minute or so. 

I then give my eye lashes a little curl and pop on some They're Real mascara by Benefit. 


I am done. 


So much better. 

So, there we have it! My first make up post, this is my everyday look and takes me about 10minutes. 

So what is your go to make up look. I would love to know. 
Enjoy the sun lovely ones. 

Love Leeny

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  1. Great look. I think I've only ever used the Benefit products you have listed. I don't really deal with my eyebrows because it requires more effort than I'm willing to put out. I don't think I've ever seen your foundation choice in a store, though. I might just not have been paying attention.

    S .x

  2. Great look you look flawless me too I love makeup but I'm not a pro I'm actually here right now trying to do my make up because I have an event coming up

    1. I stick to the same look every day as straying from this I wouldn't know what to do! :)