I am Good.

by - 10:00

I love this bible verse so much. 

You see right back in the beginning God created the earth, sea, land and all the animals inbetween. But he also created man and woman. When he looked at us he saw that we were good. 

Good seems a funny word to use, I know personally I think that there is better words than good. But good in Gods eyes is different to ours. 

When he looked at us he thought we were the best. He loved us. He designed us and made us and thought we were very good. 

He thought we were good before we did anything, said anything and before we set out on doing good deeds. We were GOOD. 

Today I am reminded more than ever that I don't need to prove myself to God he thought I was good before I did anything. I don't need to prove that I am good. 

I am good enough for him. 

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