Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Gift Guide for under £5

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Now let me explain before you think I am a massive cheap skate and only buy gifts for under £5. 
Is it me or when it comes to Christmas presents do you ever feel like sometimes you just need a extra something, you know you buy the main gift and you think to yourself I will just get them a little something else. Well this gift guide is for those little extra gifts if it is to go along side a few main presents, for stockings or for those secret Santa presents.

If you are from the UK you may have heard of a well known store called Wilkinson. Over the last couple of years Wilkos has slowly upped its game in every way. They have an amazing toy department, kitchen department and home ware. Oh and do not get me started on there stationary section. The even greater thing about Wilkinson is that a lot of there stuff is not expensive.

So all of the things on my gift guides are from Wilkinson. If you can get yourself to a store or even order of line you so should. 

So here we have it...

This is the perfect kit to make some Mulled Wine. All you need to do is add some other ingredients and boom. Christmas in a cup. 
I am sure we all know someone in our life who loves Batman and well we all have keys.
For the techy ones out there, a device that can go into any USB port and give you 4 more USB ports. I don't get it but I am sure someone would love it. 
This looks cool to be honest. In this card you have a bottle opener, ruler, screw driver and some other things. How impressive.
An on the go charger for your mobile. To be honest I could do with one of these. 
Again we probably all know a Superman fan too and everyone needs socks.
Randomly, I know boys probably hate to get these sets but being truthful these are essential and they do use them. 

Every girl loves a good sign. Why wouldn't they love a good &. 
A tea light holder and only £2 I would buy this for someone even if I didn't need to. Sooooo cheap.
Now a pen on its own, LAME. But a pen with gift 5 if perfect. 
Again, I don't need to tell you. A candle holder is a perfect £2 gift for any lady in your life. Even your granny. 
 So gift 3 was just a pen but match that pen up with these notebooks and a perfect gift.
I love this photo frame. I love that it is so different to what you would expect from a normal photo frame. 
7. Slate Heart - £2
Who loves a slate heart? ME ME ME. I do.

 1. Craft Monster Puppets - 70p
What a great craft kit for any child and only 70p, working with kids I love a good craft kit.
2. Wooden Jigsaw - £3 
This is a boy themed jigsaw but there are so many different types of jigsaws. Basic but fun gift for any little one.
3. Safari Activity Ball - £4
This is a cute little activity ball for any little one with moving shapes and safari animals on.
4. Ladybird Wooden Stack Toy - £4
This is a cute little toy for a toddler girl, i love the colours so much. 
5. Super Hero Costume - £2.50
 Do they do this in adult size???
6. Sew together animals - £1
Again, another little crafty gift. I love these cute animals and that the pack is only a £1 and comes with all you need.
7. Wooden Rocket - £5
Again really similar to the lady bird stack toy but this one is a rocket so perfect for a little boy.

So there we have it. My extra little gift guide.
Hope you enjoyed it. If you get a chance to go to Wilkinson and see any other cute stuff then let me know.


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