Blogmas Day 7: My Christmas Tag

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Hello everyone and welcome to day 7 of Blogmas. I am so loving all of the blogmas posts and it so making me feel festive. I did have other plans for today but with feeling ill that went out the window.

So today I decided to do the Christmas Tag.

So here is the deal, 10 questions about Christmas and 10 answers from me. I have taken different questions from different tags that I found. So ENJOY.

Can you name all of the reindeers?
With out google???
Ok, here goes. Prancer, Dasher, Cupid, Rudolph??
No I am done.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Well my friends. If you have been reading my past Blogmas posts I recently did a WHOLE post on my favourite films. So definitely go and check that out here. But in the last few days I have watched Four Christmases and I AM LOVING THAT. So much.

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
It has ALWAYS been tradition in our house growing up that we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve and it was always new PJs. But as for the rest of my presents always Christmas Day morning.

Favourite festive food?
Hmmmm. I just love all Christmas food. Its amazing how changing the design of a product and sticking a festive design on it makes me instantly want to eat it and buy it.
But I have to say my favourite festive foods are... Quality Streets, Brandy Snaps (Oh yes) and of course Christmas Dinner. I can not wait.

Favourite Christmas scent?
Ooooo, I have a TON of favourite Christmas scents. I am in love at the moment with the Air Wick Cinnamon and Apple smell. It is so nice and I picked it up from the pound shop. I am also in love with a candle from Ikea. I'm not sure what the scent actually is but its like a gingerbread, cookie flavour and its yum yum yum. So yum I could eat it!

To mince pie or to not mince pie?

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
This is a good question. I remember when I was younger flicking through the Argos catalogue and literally circling every single thing that was in there that I wanted. So I can not think of an exact gift I asked for I just remember asking for a whole catalogue full of things. Ha! Anyone else do the same in the Argos book?

What is your favourite Christmas song?
Christmas is not complete without two people Mariah Carey and Michael Buble. Oh they are my favourite.

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
The food. I love the food. Ha, ok. Seriously. I love spending time with all my family and friends eating party food and playing board games together. My favourite part of Christmas is definitely just spending time with my love ones. (Sounds so soppy doesn't it.)

You are in a Coffee shop in December, What is your festive Drink?
Well it all depends where I am isn't it. But if its Costa then definitely the Sticky Toffee Latte and if its Starbucks probably the Vanilla Hot Chocolate.

So there we have it, my Christmas Tag. Feel free to do this yourself. If you do let me know I would love to see your answers.

18 days to go.

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