Blogmas Day 5: Top 7 Favourite Christmas Film

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Happy 5th of December you little candy canes.

Today's post is all about sharing with you my favourite Christmas films. 

I love Christmas films so much, the truth is I would happily watch them all year round if I could but no, I restrain myself till at least the middle of November. 

Christmas films have this ability to put me in a good mood instantly.

There are so many amazing festive films out there that I could happily watch all day every day and truth be told I don't really just have one favourite I have 7 so here we have it 'My Top 7 Favourite Christmas Films.'

Lets do this...

Home Alone
If I could only watch one Christmas film for the rest of my life it would be Home Alone. This film was the first Christmas film I remember watching. There is something about that Carol of The Bells song, you know which one I mean that just takes me back to Christmas' as a child. This film makes me feel like a kid again, all the pranks he plays on those two men I can't help but howl at! :) 

Jingle All the Way
'It's TURBO time!' This film is genius but again one of my all time favourites! I love the crazy extent Arnie goes to for that doll. This film perfectly show us how crazy everyone gets at Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas
Is this even a Christmas film. I don't really know but for me this is more of a tradition now. I have to watch this film at least once over the Christmas season while wrapping Christmas presents. I love the song that goes 'What's this, what's this...'

Arthur Christmas
I think one of the reasons why I love this film so much is a few years back when it was first released we hired the a whole screen at the cinema to watch this with the kids from church. It was so much fun and because of that whenever I watch this film it reminds me of that day. 

'...and later we can snuggle!'
This film is genius. I think this was the film where I fell in love with Will Ferrell. He is hilarious! This film is always shown on a Sunday evening in December on Channel 4 and even though I have this on DVD I have to record and watch it every time. It makes me laugh a WHOLE lot. I mean the whole escalator scene, the 'Bye buddy how you find your dad' whale and then the pasta and syrup, BAHAHAHAHAHAH! :)

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
This film is ridiculous. FULL on ridiculous but it makes me laugh every time. Its a old film but such a GOOD one. 

The Holiday
This film is so romantic, beautiful and so Christmassy. I love the soundtrack the cast and the cute places that it is set in. Definitely one of my favourites to watch with the girls over Christmas.

So there you have it, my all time favourite Christmas films. 

So what are the films you will be watching this festive season?

20 days to go.

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