Blogmas Day 4: Its present time

by - 06:54

4 days in and I am still going. 
I wonder if I will still be here twenty days in. 

I am not feel well today. I have spent the majority of the last 48 hours in bed hardly doing anything but sleeping and catching up on Vlogmas on youtube.

But to try and make myself feel better I decided to do something that would make me feel festive and that I love to do.

So we popped on a Christmas film and the fire and with wrapping supplies at the ready we were good to go. It was time to wrap some presents.


As you can see the theme for this years wrapping is red, white and brown. 

We picked up this wrapping from ikea for £2.99 BARGAIN.

The ribbon was also from Ikea.

We have alot of these red and white stripy bags left over from the sweet shop at our wedding so we decided to use them for some little gifts. I picked up a few of these little bags of ebay. 

I love wrapping gifts and it is an art I take rather seriously can you tell! :)

I mean who doesn't love a pretty wrapped gift with ribbon and bows and loveliness. 

Now this is only a little of a lot of gifts I need to wrap but its so good to know I have started.

But for now it has wiped me out and I am off back to bed to snooze.


21 days to go.

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