Blogmas Day 14: A Snow Day

by - 08:53

Christmas is so FRICKING close. 

I am so excited. 

So this week we had a snow day. Like no joke. One day I looked at the weather and well it was fine the next day I looked at the weather and it was snow, 100% snow all day and well that's what happened. 

So this is what we got up to on our snow day. 

It was Saturday and we had no plans so of course we had a lie in, after that we made a full english and sat on the sofa watching Arrow. 

Then the snow started.

Look how pretty it is.

We decided with weather like this we needed a fire. 

It was so nice sitting on the sofa watching the snow fall with the fire on. Ahhhhh PERFECT. 

But the snow didn't stop and as we saw our whole town just descend into mayhem and all roads into it close we realised that it was pretty crazy out there. 

Now as you know I have been ill all week and we had no shopping in so we decided to walk to the shop to collect some supplies. 

So with our wellys on off we went.

There was so much snow. But it looked so pretty. 

Now a twenty minute walk to the shop turned into a whole hour and a bit adventure. We ended up having to save a lady who had her car stuck in the snow and then my mum rang in a panic and she was stuck too so off we went. 

Finally we made it to the shop and back home where we spent the majority of the night eating yummy Christmas snacks and we watched Arthur Christmas and Antman. Both amazing films. :)

The next day though. 

So pretty but quite scary. We live on top of one of the biggest hills in our town. 

So there we have in our chilled snow day. 


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