Blogmas Day 13: Counting Down to Christmas

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So funny story, on the morning of the 1st December between Andrew and I we had no advent calenders and I was a little sad. When living at home every year my mum would get me an advent calendar then this year I didn't have one. But I didn't need to worry because by the evening of the 1st December between Andrew and I we had 6 advent calendars. Ha!

Now half of these are Andrews but half are mine. So here they are the three ways I am counting down to Christmas. 

Yankee Candle

I am so in love with Yankee Candle and this is our second year having a calendar from them. Andrews mum bought us this and we love it. This year we have decided to leave all the tea lights till we have finished the calendar or have a few of each. I think its a lot better to burn multiple of one tea light instead of just one, you don't really get to enjoy the smell otherwise.


I love all these fancy calendars but sometimes you just need a good old chocolate one. I love white chocolate it is the best so when Andrew got me this one he chose well. I am not sure how I will cope in the new year when I don't have a little piece of white chocolate to wake up to everyday. 
I have had to rip one door off so we know that this one is mine. 

Lego Friends

Now I am not a fan of Lego like Andrew so I was quite surprised when I got given this calendar as a gift. At first I was not to bothered but Andrew has two Lego calendars and its become quite a fun thing to do every night, seeing what we have to make. But two problems, I have no ideas what to do with this once I have finished I may give it to my niece, also they are so big, we have three of these and our dining room table has been taken over by them. 

So yeah, I am sure these are suppose to be for kids but hey who says you can't have a lego calendar. 

So how are you counting down to Christmas?


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