Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

Being ill is not good for my bank balance. 
Oh my.
All I have done all day is sit on the sofa and watched Gilmore Girls and gone internet shopping. Because I feel so run down and not great at the moment I decided that I wanted to buy some new clothes for Christmas day. I am the kind of girl who likes to have a new outfit to wear. So with no energy to head to the shops I decided to head to the world wide web in search of a Christmas Day Outfit and here are some things I love and some outfit ideas.


I love this look. I have been desperate for a long top with slits up the side like this for a while so when I found this on Very I fell in love. For me I will definitely wear this top with black skinny jeans and chelsea boots. You will see as we go through the different outfits that Chelsea boots are a fav at the moment.

I am slightly obsessed with ebay at the moment. I have spent so much time going bid crazy on River Island and Topshop bags and slogan t shirts. But here is an outfit that I love and it is so cheap. I love midi length skirts and I think with black shoes and pumps and this t shirt it will be the cute Christmas day outfit. 

Oh ASOS you get me every time with your beautiful clothes. I love this relaxed and chilled outfit its perfect for eating a lot of food. Again a big fan of Chelsea boots and I love these cute Christmas nails. 

Ahhhh this is such a cosy outfit, the more I look at it the more I want it. But not sure if it is a good idea for Christmas day considering it doesn't take me much to spill food down my top. 

I THINK I NEED THIS OUTFIT. I love this denim pinifore and I think with a stripy tshirt it will be so cute. 

So there we have it everyone some of my ideas for a Christmas day outfit. I just don't know what to wear or choose. Choices choices choices. 

Anyway. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this festive season. 


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