Newcastle Adventure

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Back in January I bought tickets for Andrew and I to see Imagine Dragons for his birthday. I was so excited to see them. There first album is one of my favourites, Andrew and I use to listen to it all the time while we were dating, when ever I hear those songs now I remember the road trips we took and the hours we sat up talking with that album on in the background. We even played one of there songs in our wedding service. We decided that we wanted to make a whole day of it so blocked it out in our diary and planned a whole day of adventure, exploring the shops, markets, eating yummy food, drinking coffee and mooching. I mean its so good to mooch isn't it?

We honestly had the best day. We set off pretty early and our course listened to Imagine Dragons on the way. When we arrived we walked as fast as we could to Frankie and Bennys so we could get there before the breakfast menu stopped, I mean breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the best in my eyes. The thing I loved about Frankies was they were playing Christmas music and had a tree up. Yay, holidays are coming. 

After breakfast with our full bellies we explored the Christmas markets and many guitar shops. 

We just wandered around Newcastle occasionally popping into shops. It was so nice to just wander with no where really to go. I love the country town that I live in now but I lived in Liverpool for 5 years so there is something about the hustle and bustle of a city, the graffiti walls and random streets that I just love. 

We knew without a doubt that if we were in Newcastle we had to go and see the Fenwick Christmas windows. They were so magical, I loved that people were queuing to see the famous festive windows. 

After all the adventures we were ready for more food, what can I say. We love to eat, well I do. Especially pizza. 

It was finally Imagine Dragons time. They were so good and so worth the 9 months wait. I am so glad we got to see them they are seriously talented. 

I honestly had the best day ever with Andrew and my heart is so happy today. I also spent the majority of the day off social media and I have to say it was so good to unplug from my phone for a while and just spend some time with that handsome face. 

Here's to many more adventures. 
Hope you have all had an amazing weekend. 

Love Leeny

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