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Good Morning everyone. Its Monday and its officially my day off! YAY. 

For the last few weeks Andrew and I have been working so hard re vamping our kitchen. When we moved in this was the room I hated the most, so we knew we needed to do something to make it look better. 

We have worked so hard. 
To see all our before, during and after pictures head over to my 'DIY Kitchen' post. You will be able to see what we did and now what it looks like. 

This post is all about giving you a little tour of our kitchen. Showing you what we have and where we got it from. 

We really are so pleased with it. 



I love this smell so much. Its refreshing and very much a clean smell. Yankee Candles are a tad expensive but I believe they are well worth the investment. They last for ages and you can really smell the scents. 

We were bought this candle topper and I love it, my only complaint is it heats up and is so hot to touch when trying to blow out the candle.

 Love Birds Calendar from New Look. 
I received this a couple of years ago from a friend for Christmas but remember seeing it myself in New Look. The only thing with this is I always forget to change the date. It will be like this now probably till Christmas. 

Now I am not a plant girl at all and well Cacti are funny looking things aren't they!!! But I just loved the cuteness of these 3 little white pots and what was in them. When I was in Ikea last week I just needed to have them in my life. At first I had no idea where we would put them but they work perfectly on our windowsill. Also I remember to water them then, are you even meant to water Cactus, I don't even know!!!

We recently got married and for decorations we bought a lot of theses milk bottle vases from Ikea. They are so cheap at the bargain price of £1 (WHAT!!) We use them for everything including flowers and of course milkshakes and smoothies. I picked up two stems of these flowers for £1 from the local pet shop 3 weeks ago and they are still going strong. 

I love these letters. They cost me £1.50 each and we painted them with a dark green paint which we have on our dining room walls. I love letters and we have a few A + C's around the house. These look so cute on our windowsill.


We received this as a gift when we moved into the house and as you can see it is well used. It is so nice to have some hand soap next to the sink. You have know idea how many times it has come in handy. Also it smells a lot nicer on your hands than washing up liquid.

I love a good Pound shop and when I saw this cute green plant pot bucket I knew I needed it. Where for I had know idea. It has been used for a plant, for pegs and now it is in its final place holding washing up liquid and cloths. I really love the green and with the other colours of the kitchen it really works. Its also nice to have some where for all those washing up bits.

We bought this along with our coffee, tea and sugar jars that you will see coming up as a set for £9.99. It was seriously such a good bargain and we love them. They are a cream colour, wash well and are good sizes. We think they fit perfectly in our kitchen.

Being honest I am not a fan of fake flowers to me they look fake. But I really like these ones. We bought them again as decorations for our wedding but with the green, cream and greys I think they really work. I love seeing them with the cream of the bread bin and utensil pot as well as the wood of the chopping board and spoons. Also they cost £2.99 you can't really go wrong can you.

We bought this to match the bread bin from home bargains for £2.00. It was so cheap and is perfect to pop in all those things you know you will need while you are cooking.

We were bought two of these slate hearts for our wedding and I just love having them on the side. I wanted to have this one next to the cooker so we could use it for wooden spoons etc and keep all that mess in one place. We have used these for many things including hot pans, displaying cakes as well as cheese. They are just so versatile. I am not sure where they are from but I found some similar in Dunelm. 

Along from all of that we have our built in cooker and these two plaques.

I am not a fan of the tiles, I mean have you seen them. The plan next is to do something with them but for now I am just trying to hide as much of them as I can. So we have put these two plaques at the back of our cooker top. It adds some colour and a bit of fun to the kitchen. 

Next to the cooker we have our little drinks station. 

These were bought in a set with the bread bin and we just love them. They do the job as they say. 

Its a kettle, it has pretty lights when you switch it on, it heats up water. Pretty good all round really. 

On the other side of the kitchen we have this worktop space. 

Retro Chocolate Bar Tin was a gift. 
I am obsessed with Curly Wurlys so when a friend saw this tin she had to buy it for us. We just love it. Its perfect to put in all our yummy biscuits.

Recipe for Love was also a gift.
I love a good sign. Can you tell. 

This machine is the BEST. It does the best coffee and hot chocolate. I recently made a hot chocolate from this in my Currently Loving #2 post. Its just the best and definitely worth the investment.

Its a toaster. It toasts bread. It matches the kettle. All these things make me happy. 

Cook Books. 
These a just a few books we have collected over the last few months. I've never once looked at them. I probably should. :) 

The most basic of microwave but we are happy with it. 


True Love Heart hanging on the handle to the back door. (See I do love a good sign)

I love that we have this blackboard. I am slightly obsessed with it, I am constantly changing it.
The basket on top of the cupboard we found, but now holds all of our crisps. It definitely adds to the country feel we wanted for the kitchen. 

The cupboard and drawer handles had to be changed. They were awful and now I think these ones are perfect for our country kitchen. They were so easy to put on as we made sure they were the same size as the ones we took off. 


Cupboards and Drawers we used...
Diall Wood Primer and Undercoat.
Valspar Milk and Honey Eggshell.

Walls we used...
Dulux Pebble Shore.

So there we have it. Our country inspired kitchen. We still have some bits left to do (like those tiles) but for now we are done and so happy with it. 

Much love to that handsome face that is my husband. He has worked so hard on it and it really has turned out amazing. 

I hope you have enjoyed these little DIY / tour posts. I am hoping to do a few more as we finish off the rest of the house. 

Much Love. 


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