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When I was about 11 I went to stay at a friends house. She lived in this cute farmhouse in the middle of know where. I loved being there so much. The doors were so tiny I had to duck down to walk into rooms. She would have sheep in here back garden and woke up every day to the sound of the cockerel crowing. I loved spending time in her cute house. But there was one room that I loved and that was the kitchen. I remember thinking to myself the first day I walked in, that I wanted a kitchen like this when I got older.

There kitchen screamed country/farmhouse, they had cream cupboards, fresh flowers, cute little decorations and plaques and the most amazing sink. I mean a proper FULL on sink do you know what I mean.

Ever since then I have longed for a country kitchen, so when we moved into our house and it didn't have that we had big plans. We knew that we would not be able to rip the kitchen out and re start from scratch as well, we spent all our money on a wedding and a house. But we decided that we could just re vamp what we had.

So one weekend Andrew set out on the mission of re doing our kitchen. Needless to say it took a bit longer that a week.

Here is what it looked like before....

*Pretty GRIM or what.

We decided that we would....
Sand all cupboards and drawers
Prime and then paint
Buy some new handles and some new cute things as décor
Paint the walls
Under cupboard lighting

So not much to do really (?!) but as you can imagine it was not easy. There was so much mess, dust and paint everywhere.

...and here is what it looks like now.

I just love it. It is so different to before. That Andrew is a good egg. 
There are still a few bits we need to do like sorting out wires and those trim things at the bottom of the cupboards. 

I really am a huge fan of the changes we have made.

I have also posted another post with some more detail pictures and links to be able to find some of the things we bought so click (here) and go and check that out if you would like.

But for now I am off to make some lunch and to enjoy our beautiful new kitchen.


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