Currently Loving... #2

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Welcome back lovely ones.

Its been a while since my last Currently Loving and well things have changed and I am loving a whole host of new things. It is literally FREEZING so as you read on you will see that many of my current loves are essentials for the colder, winter season that we are now in.

So instead of me rambling and doing a crazy long intro lets just get stuck in. 
So here they are, All the things I am Currently Loving. 

So many people have been raving about this at the moment. Gabby from Velvet Ghost recently mentioned it in her October Favourites and I have seen so many people blogging about it or using it in make up tutorials on Youtube. But I have to say I been a HUGE fan of this for a long time. I am very much a Seventeen girl at heart and it really is my go to make up. When Seventeen bought out this set I had to get my hands on it ASAP. 
This product saw me through the summer where I used the darker shade more as a bronzer after I returned from holiday and now winter is approaching and my tan has faded I am all about contouring again. If you are new to all this contouring malarkey I highly recommend this as it is not expensive, it comes with instructions of how to use and where to put it, the packaging is good and the mirror is HUGE which I love, I hate nothing more than plasticy packaging that easily breaks and when you buy products with the smallest mirror in the world where you can only see half you chin 

I am a big fan of all things Soap & Glory and well when I received this as a gift for Christmas last year it some how ended up in the forgotten box of extra beauty products. 
Having recently moved a couple of months ago I re found this product and decided now was the time to try it. 
I am now so mad with myself that I stored it away for so long. I am not good at moisturising and I know, I know all your beauty gurus out there will be screaming at me about the importance of it, but my problem is I just don't have time to wait for it to dry. I am impatient and I just have not found one that works for me until now. 
The thing I love about this moisturiser is that you massage it into wet skin so I don't even have to wait to dry properly after a shower I can just massage it in and it really does melt while you massage. 
I love the fruit smell to it and the packaging of course. I am a sucker for good packaging and Soap & Glory nail it every time don't they?

I recently popped into Primark for a look around. You can never have a look around in Primark can you, you always come out with something. As I was wandering around killing time I saw a deal on some jumpers. They were originally £10 but now down to £7.90 so I knew I couldn't pass up on that beauty. These jumpers are amazing and so on trend at the moment. I love the large oversized box shaped body but then they have tight sleeves. The neckline is quite wide so you could really wear this with a shirt and cute knecklace. But for me this is the ultimate lazy girl jumper that you can dress up or down. It was also available in a ton of colours but I went for this dark green.

We started watching Arrow about a year ago and I just was not feeling it at all. I think we were watching to many other things at the same time and I couldn't concentrate on too many story lines you know!
But once I mourned the end of House we needed to find a new series so we decided to try Arrow again and well, I am official hooked. That guy, the man in green and the hood. He is a good looker. I love that there is two story lines going on at the same time, there is the present day in Starling City and then 5 years previous (?) on this crazy crazy island called Lian Yu. 
It is so good. Its now Friday night and Andrew has just got home and already I can't wait to eat tea and put Arrow on. 
Looking for a new series go and check it out! 

October has been the month of Vlogtober and this month I have been obsessed with Miss Budget Beauty who has a vlogging channel called Diary of a Spendaholic and Emma from Its Em. These have literally been my go to channels through the last month. I just love, love, love, love there vlogs and there families. I feel like I know them and are there best friends, which of course I am most definitely not. But I am so excited for them to do Vlogmas already. 

Last week I found myself having a wander around some charity shops in my local town. I love a good charity shop if I am being honest, its amazing what you can find. 
As I was raking through the racks I came across an amazing River Island oversized large scarf. On one side there is a pink tartan print and the other is a camel colour. I love that it is reversible. All clothes need to be reversible I say. This scarf has not been off. I love how it looks with my black leather jacket but also my parka jacket. The other day while in the office it was so nice to grab the scarf and wrap it around me instead of putting on a coat. I have no idea if this scarf is still available in River Island, it probably isn't, but at the moment there are tons of oversized scarves out there. 

I live no where near a Lush store so when I do find myself in a place where there is one I am all over it. I've seen lots of people rave about the Comforter so I though you know what I will give it a try. I love this so much. It smells like Ribena. All you do is pop some under the running water and it breaks off into the water and turns the bath pink and creates bubbles. This bath bomb really does smell so good and I love it so much. I am loving having baths at the moment all because of this bath bomb.

Winter is here and I am well and truly craving Hot Chocolates. We have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine and well up until recently I had no idea how to use it but after a very extensive lesson from Andrew I know do (which is probably now a bad idea as we are going through pods so fast.)
Dolce Gusto machine is run by pods and we recently bought the Caramel Hot Chocolate and OH MY it is soooo good. I am obsessed. Every night at the moment I just want to sit on the sofa in my dressing gown and pjs, watch arrow and drink Hot Chocolate with cream. I think I might go do that now. If you have this machine definitely try these caramel hot chocolates. They are delish! 

I have always hated dressing gowns. No joke, I have been bought so many in the past and just never worn them. But in my older age I just started wanting one so badly. So finally I picked myself up one from Primark. It was £15 and honestly it is the fluffiest things I have ever worn. It has a hood and isn't too long but perfect for me. I now will quite happily get out of my warm bed on a cold morning because I have this amazing dressing gown to put on. So this winter I highly recommend you get yourself one. 

This is a album I loved probably 6 months ago. But recently it came on shuffle on my iPod and I have completely fallen in love with it all over again. My favourite song is 'We Dance.' The words are so beautiful and are so good for my soul. This album is incredibly anointed and when ever I listen to it I feel completely drawn into Gods presence. I just love love love love this album. 


So quite the mixture of things, but what are you loving at the moment I would love to know???

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