Blogmas Day 6: Hot Chocolate Spoons

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Ok. I have a confession to make. 
Are you ready... 

Yup, its true. 

Up until a few months ago I would say I was very much a coffee girl but recently, especially since it has got colder I just crave Hot but I mean very HOT and very chocolatey Hot Chocolate. 

Give it to me in any flavour I will drink it chocolate fudge, salted caramel and even white chocolate. 

Now there was no way I could let Blogmas pass with out having a whole post dedicated to my current obsession. So today we are getting our Hot Chocolate spoons on.

If you are a HUGE fan of Hot Chocolate you will love these and they couldn't be easier to make.

Here is what you need...
Milk Chocolate
Fudge pieces

Ok, now you have all the bits you need lets get making.

1. Grab the chocolate and break it up into super little pieces. Once you have all the chocolate broken up, at this point I like to go for the policy of a little for the bowl a little for me.

2. Pop the chocolate into a glass bowl and place on a pan of hot water. I prefer to melt the chocolate this way as I always burn in in the microwave. Be careful though, the bowl gets hot.

3. Once all the chocolate is melted leave it for a couple of seconds while it starts to set. 
At the point enjoy some more chocolate.

4. While the chocolate is setting pop the spoon into the bowl and cover. Make sure there is plenty of chocolate on the front and the back.

5. Just before the chocolate is fully sets pop on your decorations. I went for it all.

6. Pop in the fridge till fully set. 


Part 1 complete. 

Now to enjoy a HOT HOT yummy Chocolate. 

1. Heat the milk up in a pan or the microwave. 
2. Grab a blanket and a Christmas film. 
3. Get yourself comfy and stir that chocolate spoon in the hot milk. 

Just a little advice. Keep stirring. 
Don't let all that chocolate go to the bottom. 

The thing I love about these chocolate spoons is you can easily make them for your self or cover them in cellophane and give them away as a gift. I know I will be this Christmas. 

Excuse me why I got and eat the left over chocolate. 

19 days to go.

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