Blogmas Day 3: My Favourite Childhood Christmas Memory

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Christmas is massive in our family. My mum is obsessed and well Andrews mum is as equally obsessed Our parents houses are like Santa's grotto at this time of the year. 

My mum has a letters to Santa post box outside her house and every year with out fail kids come and put there letters to Santa in it. 

I remember lots of things about Christmas growing up. But I have to say that this picture holds the most memories. 

When we were younger on Christmas Eve we would all be allowed to open one present which with out fail was always new pyjamas. Once we have our new pjs on we would all sleep in the same room. Who ever woke up first always woke everyone else up. We were never allowed to go downstairs until mum said we were allowed to so we would all sit on the stairs taking in the smell of the cooking turkey and wait for her to shout us down.

This picture was taken on Christmas Day, I think I must be around 6 years old. I remember being obsessed with this outfit. It was a velvet waistcoat with the most hideous brown floral print in it and a very over the top frilly shirt. The trousers were leggings with little hooks for my feet at the bottom, I remember being a tad too tall for them so it was quite the stretch to make the elastic stretch round my foot and the trousers always use to fall down.  

That year I remember getting a etch a sketch type toy. It ran on batteries and was lots of little bubble type things that lit up, you would use the pen to draw a picture in it. I think. I remember we were all obsessed with it and played with it non stop. 

This Christmas I also remember getting a HUGE as tall as me dolls house and our dog at the time was obsessed with it and would always try and get inside it. 

Christmas' over the years have changed a lot, we have all grown up for one but now we all have families of our own so Christmas' have got a whole lot busier. 

But when I think about my favourite childhood Christmas memory I think I will always remember the Christmas' we had in our little house at the bottom of town. 

So what is your favourite Christmas memory I would love to know. 

22 days to go. 

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  1. One oft my favourite Christmas memory is that I finally was allowed to get dressed in my velvet blue Christmas dress,I must have fit in it a couple of years and this dress was the only I would get dressed in from the 24th to the 26th apart from PJs:')