Autumn Walks

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Now you all know I love Autumn. 
I mean I wrote a whole post on why I do.

One thing I love is autumn walks and today was a perfect day for one. Andrew and I both finished work and the evening was so nice we knew we couldn't stay in and not enjoy the last of the warmish, bright evenings as we fade from summer into this new season that is ahead of us.
There is this walk a few minutes car journey from our house which takes you from a place called The Station to Easby Abbey. 

It is one of my favourite walks.

If you look in one direction  you see the amazing Abbey but if you turn around and look in the other direction you see Richmond Castle. 

As we started to walk and the sun was starting to set, there was a chill in the air that made this mist above the ground that you could see in the distance. 

We parked up at a place called The Station which is the home of the old railway. It has now been turned into one of my favourite places. It has a cute cinema, a vintage shop, restaurant, bakeries, sweet shops and even a ice cream parlour. As you walk in you are met with baskets and baskets of donated books that you can take an leave a donation, I love spending time looking at the treasures and sometime random books that people have given. All over the walls there is art that local artist have produced. Parking up we already made the decision that we definitely had to pop in at the end for a cheeky hot chocolate. 

 As we walked away from The Station towards the Abbey under a canopy of trees there was so many people out. Runners, cyclists and dog walkers. As we walked past everyone they all said hello or gave you the nod, clearly enjoying the beautiful night as much as we were. 

There is something about being outside, walking, talking with Andrew, taking pictures and watching the sun set that is so good for my heart. 

I already can't wait for my next autumn walk, anyone up for it?

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