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Autumn Autumn Autumn Autumn have I told you that I love autumn. I mean lets take a minute to think about a world with out Autumn.......
Nope, its not worth thinking about is it really.

Like seriously I am obsessed with the colours of Autumn so much. I currently have about 100 pictures of trees on my phone. 
Well, why not?

Now Autumn has always been my favourite season of the year but there are some things I need to get me through this season we are in. 

So welcome to my Autumn Essentials. 


Hello. I am all about the candles all year round but there is something about the candles at this time of the year that just make me want to eat them.
At the moment the smell of our house is Banana Nut Bread. We got given a beautiful oil burner off a friend and she bought us a Pumkin wax cube set and the Banana one and oh my. I am sat now with it burning and its just so beautiful.
Honestly I want to eat it it smells so good. We can have this lit in the living room and you can smell it all around the house it is so yummy. 


Now I love tea a lot and recently I have become all about the fruit, herbal tea and if you saw my current loves last month I was obsessed with the Salted Caramel tea. But in the last few weeks I have become all about the Yorkshire tea. 
You know a proper brew.
 I mean just thinking about it now I am craving a Yorkshire tea with 1 sugar. I am secretly hoping Andrew comes in and asks me if I want a drink. I just love nothing more than sitting on the sofa in a blanket watching all the 'Autumn themed' videos on youtube drinking a good traditional cup of tea. This really is the season where I fully embrace the hot drinks. I can not wait for Costa to get there Hot Spiced Apple. :) 


When Andrew and I were looking at buying a house we really wanted a proper fire or a log burner and well it happened. We are in love with our log burner. You have probably seen it in many a Instagram picture. But I love that we have got to the time of the year where we can have fires on an evening. 
I love curling up on the sofa watching Netflix with a roaring fire on. I mean if that doesn't scream autumn country living to you then what does. 


As the weather changes there are some fashion essentials that I CAN NOT LIVE WITH OUT. I mean the weather is so unpredictable. There are so many times I wake up and it is freezing so I wrap up in a jumper but then come lunch time I am melting. Anyone experienced this or am I just messed up?!?!?
But here is what I need to see my through the season changes. 
Scarves, Sunglasses and Jumper/Cardigan.
I love that we are in a season where it still so sunny that you need sunglasses but there is a chill in the air when you need to wear a jumper and scarf. I just love layering up and feeling all snuggerly.


Without fail every year the change in temperature around autumn time makes my hands go so dry, because of that I totally can not make it through the autumn with out my faithful Soap & Glory Hand Dream. This is amazing and is for Dry Skin Relief and it definitely works I can notice a different instantly.
Now the other beauty essentials I can not get through autumn with out of course has to be the berry tone lipstick. At the moment I am all about the Kate Moss shade number 30 lipstick, it is so beautiful and has such great staying power. Good job Kate, Good job.


I am a big believer that every single person needs a fluffy blanket. Fluffy blankets make everything alright. Not even lying.
We picked this gorgeous fluffy light grey blanket up from Primark and it was in the sale at £9.90 instead of £15.00 (BARGAIN.) The thing I love about this blanket is the size of it. IT IS HUGE. Andrew can sit on one side of the sofa and I cant sit on the other and it still covers us both. It is amazing.


Now I like to read but there is something about this time of the year that makes me want to read more. I mean picture this with me.
Cold autumnal night, its starting to get dark. The fire is on and the Banana Nut Bread wax burner is burning. You snuggled up on the sofa under your warm fluffy blanket with a cup of tea reading a good book. Autumn and Winter are definitely the season I read more, I know that sounds funny right. But in summer and spring when its warmer I want to be outside but come this time of the year I want to curl up, journal, watch a good series and read a book.
At the moment I am reading Soul Detox by Pastor Craig Groeschel and also One Day by David Nicholls.


Like I said above come Autumn/Winter you spend more time inside instead of out and I always feel like you need a good tv series to watch on the nights you stay in. We have just started watching and Arrow and oh my he is a handsome chap isn't he.
Andrew and I have many series on the go and watch lots of different shows to each other but we always make sure we have one series that we watch together. This means every night we can get the fluffy blanket and sit and watch it. There is strictly no watching this with out the other person being there.

So what are the things you can not live with out this Autumn. I would love to know??

Love Leeny

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