A place called Comfort. Trying something new.

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Here is a list of all the new things I have tried this week.
-          I wore my hair in a different way
-          I made sweet potatoe fries
-          I moved some stuff around in my house (Including the wash basket, whoa this has messed with my life.)
-          I wore a top with some trousers that I have never done before
-          I drove a different way to work
-          I had different cereal than usual.

Why did I do these things? I don’t know, why not.
I mean I thought why not try something new and different.

Every week I see so many different posts on social media of people trying out new things.
You know…

‘I am trying out a new gym class tonight.’
‘I am trying out this new restaurant?’
‘Anyone tried this product what did you think, I am thinking of trying it out?

Every week without fail I reckon we will try something new.

I mean look at all the things I have tried this week. Going back over them again I don’t think I will wear my hair like that again, I preferred my old cereal and actually I think I will go back to the normal way I drive to work.

But I did like sweet potato fries and loved the outfit that I put together and I love the changes we made in the house.

I mean if I hadn’t of tried something new I wouldn’t have known that I liked it.

How many times in the last month have you tried something new and you liked it? 
How many times have you tried something and you didn’t like it?

We are constantly trying new things.
If we like it we will carry on using it, making it and doing it.
If we don’t like it then we don’t need to try it again.

One thing I find really interesting is that people are willing to try a lot of things but when it comes to trying church, it’s definitely a NO.

I mean what happens if you try it and you do like it?
And well if you try it and you don’t like it then least you tried something new and stepped out of that place called comfort.

Tomorrow in church we have an amazing man coming to speak. I heard him speak for the first time probably 10 years ago and honestly I can remember everything. Mark is an international communicator who has completed a national tour, performed his live shows at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, making people laugh, making them cry and ultimately making them think of their lives in the light of what God has done for us.

Now I know some of you are probably reading this thinking but no church isn't for me. 
But how will you know until you try it.

To many of us spend so much time in that place called comfort. I suppose my challenge for you is how about you step out and maybe try church this weekend.

If you like it then amazing, if you don’t like it then at least you tried something new. 

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