A date every month for a whole year! #2

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How on earth is it the 31st October. 

This month has some how flown by without me quite realising. Its such a cold, wintery night and I have spent the majority of my afternoon sat on the sofa with the fire going eating yummy homemade soup. The nights are now so dark and all I want to do is put on my pjs, my brand new Primark dressing gown (which I have to say is probably the best £15 I have spent it is the comfiest thing I have ever worn) and sit on the sofa drinking hot chocolate and if I am being honest tonight was no exception. 

For some reason we completely forgot about our date for the month of October until I stumbled across it while having a sort out. 

For those who don't know Andrew and I were incredibly blessed by some of our amazing friends who organised a date every month for a whole year. We have already had one date which you can find here. Now with it being the last day of October and tomorrow the start of a new month and a whole new date we knew that tonight was our last chance to get our October date on. 

This months date looked like this. We received an envelope with instructions and a present as well.

These were our instructions. 

So in our present we received some paints and blank canvas. Now this was exciting. 

Being completely honest I was pretty excited at this one. I mean I once got a A* in art for drawing a pretty awesome mushroom. Now Andrew wasn't too keen so we had to keep our artistic skills to a minimum so no there was no landscapes or self portraits going on. 

But we had ONE problem. These kids paints we received are the WORST to open. We honestly both struggled to open them, I even tried to use my mouth (I know gross) but still I couldn't open them. 

After what felt like 57 minutes trying to get these stinking paints open we finally succeeded. 

We decided to just paint our hands and stick it on the canvas, now I know what you are thinking super creative or what. The problem was the paint dried before we had time to print our hands on the canvas (what do we expect really when we are trying to take pictures) so cue some very fast hand painting and printing. 

This guy loves it. He wishes he was on Art Attack.

The moment of truth...

Yay :)

But wait... 
We weren't finished there were we. 

Lets not forget the impossible task of getting into the kids paints again! 

Ladies and Gentlemen the finished masterpiece. 

Ok, maybe if we were more creative and spent more time we could of created a masterpiece fit to sell on Ebay or even put up in The Station.  But no, instead we spent 15 minutes painting and then probably another 15 trying to wash the paint off our hands but it was so fun to do something so different together and have a few laughs along the way mainly at the fact I ate some paint, Andrew got it all over his nose and I now need to wash the table cloth. 

Now we need to find somewhere to put this????

Thank you lovely friends. 
Again we loved our October date. Excited to see what November brings. 

Love Andrew and Colleen


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