Welcome back Autumn.

by - 12:25

It’s official.

All the summer clothes have been packed away and that drawer of snuggly jumpers and cardigans have been opened.

As I write this post I am currently sat on the sofa wrapped up in the fluffiest blanket ever, drinking Salted Caramel tea and watching Great British Bake Off with Andrew.

My friend just recently returned from America and came round with a TON of gifts including Banana Nut Bread wax cubes for an oil burner.

Oh my.

If you could smell my house now, it smells like a bakery.
We have cookie dough in the kitchen, salted caramel and this Banana thing in the living room. This to me is what autumn smells like.

Ahhhhhhhh summer you were so good to me, really good to me but autumn I welcome you with open arms. Here are the many reasons why I am so excited for you…

Conker Picking
New boots shopping
Autumn walks
Berry tone lipsticks
 Sunglasses and Scarves because its cold but still sunny
Bonfire Night
Fairy lights
Hot spiced apple from Costa
Christmas planning and prep
Crunchy leaves
Fluffy blankets
Homemade cookies and Netflix
Hot Chocolate and marshmallows
The colours


So what are you all looking forward to this autumn?

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  1. This is Call Me Kay, from blogger to blogger, I love yours! I'm definitely looking forward to decorating and pumpkins!

    1. Thank you Kay, good to hear from you. I wish i was so much better at decorating pumpkins but i am awful. X