My current loves... #1

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Well hello and welcome to my first current loves.

I have what you would call a very addicted personality. I mean if I find something I love you can be sure I will eat it, listen to it, wear it, use it not stop until I have just had enough of it. Anyone else with me on this?? I mean I can’t be the only one who has had ‘A whole new world’ from Aladdin on repeat for three weeks, or even eaten poached egg on toast for my lunch every day for over a week. Can I? Maybe I am.

So this post is all about sharing with you my current obsessions, all the things that I just can not live with out at the moment. Who knows by next week it could be all different. 

So here we go...
*I will try and link as many of the products as I can. 

*So just a few things then. :)

1. Black and White over sized top. 
I am in love with this top. It cost me £7 from Primark a week and a half ago and I have worn it non stop (I have washed it don't worry.) I love that it has 3/4 length sleeves and bat wings. It is so comfy and I think a must for the transition into autumn. Perfect with some skinny jeans and cute shoes.

I received this nail varnish as part of a pack for my birthday and honestly it has made a huge difference to the staying power of my varnish. My nail varnish always chips but when I add this it definitely lasts longer and looks more finished. It also dries super fast. Nothing makes me more angry than a top coat that takes forever to dry and before you realise it there are chips and marks in the nail varnish. So good job nails inc. When it comes to re buying this once it has finished I am not to sure. I mean, it is £15 a bottle and tad expensive, so I don't really know. But for now I have a good couple of wears left. 

3. Aztec pendant necklace.
This necklace is my favourite. I am very much a gold girl and when I saw this necklace only half price from Avon with earrings and a ring it had to be bought. I love that it is two necklaces attached together but you can also separate them and wear them on there own. How awesome is that. LITERALLY 3 necklaces in one. So good one Avon, I am literally loving your work.

This was given to me a few weeks ago and oh my it is amazing. I wear a lot of make up and the problem that I was having was that with anything I was using I was being really rough on my eyes to get all the make off and every time I washed my face I was actually hurting myself. But this stuff has changed my life. All you do is squirt some oil into your hands and rub it all over your face, as you are doing it you feel the make up breaking up. (I highly recommend opening your eyes and having a sneek peek in the mirror, if you wear alot of make up you look a treat.) You then add some water and it goes to a milky texture and your just keep rubbing it in,  after that you splash your face and wipe it all off. It really does break down all make up and grease and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean. It is pretty expensive but has made a massive difference to my skin care routine.
*This was given to me as a gift and at the moment because of how much I love it I think I may definitely be purchasing a new one once finished. But we will see.  

5.Salted Caramel Green Tea.
If you are a fan of salted caramel and a fan of green tea then this is for you. I love the smell of this so much, it feels so autumny. If you fancy giving it a try and not a fan of tea like this pop in a sweetner it makes all the difference. But hmmmm, i just love it. As I write this post I have one cooling down next to me to drink. 

I picked up the Mac Lipstick up from the airport on my way home from getting engaged in Dublin so as you can imagine this colour reminds me of the delay in the airport and telling all our friends and family the happy news. I love this colour. It is matte and matte isn't always a fan for some people but I don't find it drying or anything. I find it the perfect ever day colour, not to pinky or red. The lipstick it self was from duty free so was around £13 but the lip liner was a more recent purchase and cost me only 99p. It is in the shade 'sage' and is the perfect match with the lipstick. So with the stripes, this colour and the gold necklace I AM LOVING LIFE. I am so glad I stumbled across and found out this beauty of a lipstick recently. 

I have only been using this spray for around a week but have already noticed a huge difference in the staying power of my make up. All you do is spray it on your face after your have done your make up. It doesn't feel greasy or leave my face feeling oily but actually leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to go. So far so good. 

8. Bright Blue shoes. 
Last week I needed some new shoes. I have spent the whole summer wearing the sandles I got married in so it was very much time to pick me up some shoes for autumn. These were from Primark and were only £8 and I just love them. They are comfy, supportive (how old do I sound saying that) and I love the cute detail at the front. So good job Primark I am a total fan and even thinking of getting them in every colour. 

I have worn nail varnish every day since I was about 16 and I am normally a bright coloured kind of girl and will normally been seen wearing pinks, reds and colours like that. But when I saw that Avon had this autumny nude colour in I fell in love. I have loved wearing this colour this week, it is so not me but Avon I am impressed. 3 days in and it is still going strong. 

Andrew and I are obsessed with House. For those who don't know House is a Dr and him and his team work for a hospital and they have to diagnose people when they are ill. I know, it sounds like Causality doesn't it. But it is so much better. The illnesses that people have are the weirdest things ever. We just watched a episode where a girl found a shipwreck in the sea where the people on board were said to have had small pox. She got ill and they thought she had it. She didnt. She lived but her step dad died. Gutted. Have i sold it to you yet? Any way Andrew and I are on series 7 now and we are nearly at the end. I am not quite sure what to do with my life when this finishes. 

Last but by no means least!

This week I am loving the vanilla candle from Ikea costing like £1. We bulk bought these candles for our wedding and we have so many left that are all half burnt. I love that every time I smell this it reminds me of our wedding day. The best. 

So I wasn't lying when I said I love a lot of things. I really do. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. I am doing nothing. You will find me on the sofa drinking salted caramel tea, watching house and eating my own weight in curly wurlys. 


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