I love Saturday morning breakfast!

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If you know Andrew and I you will know that we love breakfast food so much. Cereal, eggs sandwiches, full English, waffles you name it, we love it. If we could have breakfast for every meal of the day we probably would, to be honest I have and it was the best day of my life.

Monday to Friday Andrew is up and out the house before I am even awake so we never get to have breakfast together. So come a Saturday, we do whatever we can to either go out or cook a big hearty breakfast.

Today the cupboards were bare and the weather was so gross we were going no where, but we did have all the ingredients we needed to make pancakes. Now I don’t want to big myself up or make out I am the best, but I can make a mean pancake and after many failed attempts, pancakes in the bin, buying the perfect pan, the dreaded curse of the 1st pancake never working (anyone else with me on that) and trailing the internet for the perfect recipe, we have finally cracked it.

So here it is. Our perfect Saturday morning pancake recipe for two.

What you need:

110g of flour and a pinch of salt, two eggs, 200ml of milk and 75ml of water. 

We picked up this pan from ikea. It is actually an omelette pan but works amazingly for pancakes.
Also, Andrew and I had a disagreement is is a fish slice or a spatula???

What happens next?

*Basically throw it all in and whisk it up.

Grab the frying pan:

You will need some oil at this point for your pan, you could use butter if you want to. 

Now, after lots of practice I am a beast at flipping pancakes. 
Once both sides are cooked, then we get to have some fun.

One thing i have learnt to avoid the dreaded curse of the 1st pancake never working is to heat the pan with the oil for a good couple of minutes, don't pour in the mixture too soon because that when it all goes wrong.  

The fun bit:

Andrew and I are completely different when it comes to this bit. He prefers Nutella and to fold the pancake as you can see and i am more on a sugar and syrup and roll the pancake kind of girl. 

But at this point you could go crazy. 
Ice cream, fruit, sugar, lemon, chocolate sauce, sweets you name it.
Go wild. 

Bon Appétit. 

Love Colleen and Andrew. 

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