Barry M Quick Dry Nail Varnish. Pastel Colours in Autumn?

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Autumn is here and the way the temperature is going winter is just around the corner. I mean I have just been told that Christmas is less than 100 days. What!

Now I love autumn a lot, so much so I wrote a whole post on all the things I love about it here. When autumn arrives it’s the time where all the bright colours of the summer are swapped for the autumnal colours of the ever changing seasons around us, but we don’t just do this with our clothes we do this with our make up and with our nail varnishes. In the summer I will quite happily wear coral and pinks lipsticks but in the autumn I am all about the berry tones.

Now the truth is I am more than happy to embrace the colour changes when it comes to make up and clothes but I just can’t quite bring myself to put away the pastel nail varnishes of the summer away.

I mean…
1.       I don’t think I suit dark nail varnish! (Can you not suit dark nail varnish?!?!?)
2.       I have a blue topaz engagement ring so sometimes certain colours don’t quite go. (Didn’t think about that did we)
3.       For me, wearing darker clothes, I like to keep my nails bright to add some colour in my life.

So a few weeks ago when I saw that Barry M had an amazing pastel range of  'Speedy' quick dry nail varnish I knew I needed to get my hands on them.  I am all about the ‘quick dry.'

I instantly fell in love with the shade ‘Lap of Honour’ which is a beautiful mint green colour and shade ‘Pole Position’ which is the lilac colour.

Now I am sucker for packaging so when I saw these amazing chequered lids for the pots I was instantly sold.

These nail varnishes have the brand new flat brush and all though I wasn't expecting much it did make a difference. 

One thing with the nail varnish is that they are right it does only take two coats but the two coats have to be thick or it just won't cover. 

Here are my nails after just one 'normal' coat. 

Now, I am pretty confident at putting on nail varnish (I have worn it every day since I was 16) so after this first coat I went straight in with quite a thick second coat and I loved the final results. 

So some people have probably put away those pastel nail varnish for the winter. I will definitely be keeping them out, as for me I just love the bright colours against the contrast of the darker colours we are now all choosing to wear. 

So will you be embracing the pastel coloured nails this Autumn & winter.  

Love Leeny. 

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