A Wander Down Memory Lane

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'We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.' 
I love this so much. 

I never want to forget anything and because of that I take ALOT pictures. I love that a picture can take you back to a time that is other wise completely forgotten and over.

There are some pictures that I look at and I remember so much, the conversations, what the weather was like, what I was thinking about when the picture was taken and then there are the pictures that I just honestly can not remember taking, let alone why I was pulling that face or doing that pose. 

So I decided I wanted to share with you some of moments that have been forgotten. 

Here is my throw back Thursday.

This was taken on an adventure day with my best friend in York. I don't know why I am posing like this, but clearly I thought I was the bees. I was about 21 here I think.

This was the day the queen came to town and it poured down and Andrew gave me his socks! 
What a gent!

I can't remember when this was but this was in Edinburgh for my sisters hen party. I was wearing flared jeans. I don't think I have worn flared jeans since I was 18.

I was about 20 here and these were the days when I decided I wanted my hair to be lighter and I went this ginger/green colour. 
I liked it at the time. 
Now, not really a strong look. 

Ahhhhh, the last bank holiday of the summer a few years ago. Andrew and I went to a local farm and we found ourselves separated and stuck due to these viscous ducks. 
This was a lot more traumatic that it looks. 

I think I was 19 in this picture and this was taken on a road trip to Blackpool to see Elliot Minor. I mean who even are Elliot Minor.

This is one of my favourite pictures. This was taken on one of the first dates that Andrew and I went on. I remember us doing so many takes of this shot and then eating ice cream.

This was the sunset in Whitby the day Andrew told me he loved me. Whitby will forever be one of my favourite places.

Last year Andrew took me to Marsden Rock. This place is amazing but holds so many memories for him from his childhood. We had such a fun day and it is so beautiful there.

Aged 17 and my first FB profile picture! WOW. 

I can not finish this post with out putting in a more recent throw back. If I could go back to any day and re do it all over again, I would definitely say Saturday 11th July 2015. It was a pretty special one.

I had so much fun looking back over old pictures, when you have chance definitely go and do it. 
Re live the moments that have been forgotten.

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