A Thursday full of Thanks #1

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I remember it so clearly, the noise and face my mum use to make when she gave me something or got me something and I didn’t say thank you. She would hold on to it and look at me in the eyes and do this deep ‘ermmmmmmm’ noise. I knew exactly what that noise meant.

Or there were those times when you were little and someone in your family gave you a gift or a present at Christmas. As a kid you are more bothered about the gift and unwrapping the paper than remembering those magic words, but again my mum would never let me forget, there were so many times I would hear her from across the room saying ‘what do you say?.’

Today I spent a long time in the que in the supermarket waiting to pay for my lunch, there was 4 people in front of me, as each customer came and went and as the cashier swiped through all the food and packed bags for people I found myself saying (to myself) ‘What do you say?’

I feel like we live in a world where we have forgotten the magic words.
Thank you.

Being thankful is a choice. We have to choose to say thank you or choose to be thankful. I never want to be a person who doesn’t appreciate all the things I have and the people in my life.

So a Thursday full of thanks is all about me taking time to share the things, people and situations I am thankful for, so here goes.

My first Thursday full of thanks.

*Day outs with Andrew.
Life as of today is officially back to normal. Routine is back (YAY) I am so thankful that before the crazy routine finally sets in I got to spend the whole weekend with Andrew, nothing makes me more happier than time with him. He makes me laugh, he encourages me and he is just pretty awesome. So a day with him I am beyond thankful for.

*Family Tea
Every Sunday night with out fail mum and Steve have tea on the table ready for us. I love that we live so close to family that we can have tea together. I literally love nothing more than spending time with my favourites and eating yummy food. This week I am thankful for parents who see that Sundays are busy days so instead of us having to make food they do it for us.

*Hero Factory and Mini Heroes Team.
Like I said life is back to normally all the programmes and events that end for the summer at church are back. But for them to get back to normal many people have to put in lots of hours of hard work. So I am thankful for the incredible kid’s team, for their time, their prayers and all their hard work. You all make my life so much easier.
Ephesians 5 vs 20 'Giving thanks always and for everything.'

So what are you thankful for, i would love to know.

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