A date every month for a whole year! #1

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Andrew and I were so over whelmed with the generosity of so many people at our wedding. We received so many gifts and cards that we honestly spent hours opening them and our house was like a card shop. 

One gift that we received was from some of our closest friends. They organised for us a date every month for a whole year and it came all bundled up in a basket like this. 

We were so excited for this gift and as soon as August came we opened our first date. August was so busy for us and passed by in no time and we didn't get chance to cash in on that date, but we decided to hold on to it and use it next August. 

Tuesday 1st September came and we were so keen to find out what September had in store for us and oh my, it did not disappoint. 

This months date was a voucher for Nando's. Man, my friends know us well. We love Nando's and i have honestly been going on at Andrew none stop for the last few weeks about NEEDING a cheeky Nando's. Now we had no excuse. 

Having been ill all weekend and not feeling great Andrew took an impromptu day off. We started the day by doing nothing but in a bid to get out the house an feel more human again we decided to head to Nando's. 

Now we both had not eaten all day. 
It was now 3pm. 
We were ready for a feast. 

*Carb overload or what*

*My eyes were definitely too big for my belly*

I literally loved that I got to spend this impromptu day off with my favourite, we spent the time planning exciting new years eve adventures. 
It definitely did make me feel better. 

So, thank you beautiful friends. We loved our first date. 
Can't wait for next month already. 

Love Colleen & Andrew

*Really sorry we forgot the selfie challenge.

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  1. Your closest friends are so thoughtful, a date every day for a month sounds like such a fun present!